Professional childcare and babysitting in Greyton

About Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts is a baby and childcare service run by Edwina Faro in the village of Greyton.

Edwina has been teaching and caring for young children for the last three decades and has built up a team of local women who are passionate and committed to providing the best care for your little one.

Whether you are a local resident needing a carer for a few days or nights a week or a visitor needing a few hours off for a relaxed dinner, Happy Hearts is here to help.

Professional care

day, evening & night

Our Services

Day Care

3-10 hour day care shifts

Ideal for working parents or day visitors to Greyton. A focus on care and educational activities.

Evening Care

3-6 hour evening care shifts

Babysitting so you can enjoy a carefree evening in the village with your partner and friends.

Night Nanny

10-12 hour night care shifts

Overnight care, especially good for new parents who need their sleep!

All of the above are quoted for a single baby or child.

We follow the best international guidance on adult-to-child care ratios and for more than one child, depending on their ages, we may need to provide additional carers.

For more than one baby or child, please get in touch and we can confirm the exact service required.

Rate: R275 base cost for 3 hours + R50 per hour thereafter

Rate: R300 base cost for 3 hours + R50 per hour thereafter

Rate: R550 base cost for 10 hours + R50 per hour thereafter

"Trust us to care for your little one whilst you enjoy Greyton life"

Edwina Faro & the Happy Hearts Team

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Edwina: 064 9228967

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”Edwina and Jade were brilliant, providing night care when Alex was just born and daycare when we had to go back to work."

- Ian & Sarah, Greyton

”Edwina is awesome, my twin daughters adore her...her way of teaching is playful but very educational... My kids really enjoy their time with Happy Hearts ❤️🤗”

- Joreen, Mom in Greyton

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